Sunday, April 14, 2013

No One Is Watching...hit the publish it...

MOney kills drive

Krysty - I don't have family to suppport me

MT -  driven

God makes us dream but won't let us sleep...wha?
God makes us dream, but won't set us free
God calls us dance to songs we can't hear

I could live out her legacy...but not, make it mine

i've never gone for the $.

Quality of life

NK - if you gave me a resume that said R&D  looking for a director job, I wold hire you for an R&D position

KK, JM - differnt catagory...very smart business people

NK, PM, MT - visionary (CR, Laura) too!

Robert Stevens, too

Some have the support of husband who make s$ so she can pursue dream
MT had  to support her to pursue her dream.

It's just me. No husband. I'm like the dude..

But I want that...just like at 13 when I found Peter Frampton - I didn't want to be his lover/girlfriend..I wanted to be his peer..him

Same at 1997 - I wanted to be bigger than AZ..bigger than PM - not just the

I want my freedom.

Do not want to spend the rest of my life, quietly fading away....

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