Sunday, January 13, 2019

I'm Back. 2019 Looks shiney from here!

Well I've re-engaged. I'm doing this here because no one knows I'm here and I need to try on a few new things and my confidence level is very low...but not low enough to not want to try and then put it out to the world. I just feel safer in a world where people don't know anything about me. Like no expectations or judgement. Of course the worst offender of those two items is...can you guess? Me. Yep.

So, one thing I want back is my creative voice. Right now that looks like my artwork again.
I haven't painted in 13 or so years so I am rusty. Really rusty. And finding myself jealous of all the artists I know who have consistently worked at their art and grown for it.

I thought a good icebreaker would be to do one doodle a day and post it. I started a new Twitter account to post daily on.

The purpose for this too, is to challenge myself to actually stick to something. A daily practice. Maybe it will lead to me breaking through all my hold-me-back demons.

Here's 2 doodles to start.
Yesterday I had debilitating vertigo. Was in bed all day.

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